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Dropship Down

Dropship Down is a co­op alien shooter with twin­stick controls, filled to the brim with a horde of
extraterrestrial bugs waiting to eat you and your marine buddies alive. Playing solo or with friends, you face the
simple yet difficult challenge of surviving. At your disposal you have an array of exciting weaponry, from the
humble but effective shotgun all the way up to the devastating plasma cannon and the blazing­hot flamethrower.
You’ll also gain access to powerful gadgets such as the force field generator, the defensive turret and a ton of
grenades and mines.
Killing a single bug is easy. You might even be able to taken down a hundred of them. But to withstand
thousands upon thousands you need to understand their strengths and weaknesses, adapt your equipment and
weaponry to hit them in their weak spots and co­operate with your squad to maintain an effective perimeter ­ if
they’re still alive.