Day of Infamy Megacard


Day of Infamy Megacard

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The100K_42.8x54mm   Day of Infamy

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Product description

Experience intense close­quarters battles in iconic WWII settings. Day of Infamy is a teamwork­oriented shooter
which aims to be a continuation and evolution of the original Day of Defeat mod released in 2001 ­ brought to
you by the creators of Insurgency.

Strategic Gameplay
Intense core infantry mechanics and a simplified HUD create a highly visceral and immersive experience. With
a reinforcement wave system tied to objectives, the game maintains an emphasis on teamwork and coordination.

Iconic WWII Battles
From the shores of Sicily and streets of Italy, to the forests of Belgium and Germany. And of course the
Normandy beaches.

Historic Armies
The Allied infantry forces of the British Commonwealth and U.S. Army clash against the German Wehrmacht.

Authentic Arsenal
Depending on your team’s supply, you may customize and upgrade your gear and weaponry, affecting your
appearance, weight, stamina, and movement speed. The game contains a full­range arsenal including bolt­action
rifles, pistols, revolvers, submachine guns, heavy machine guns, grenades, and flamethrowers. Fix bayonets,
extend magazines, or swap iron sights with period­specific customization options.

Teamwork Required
Officers can direct their team in the field. In addition to a wide variety of command options, they may call in fire
support if a radio operator is nearby. Fire support options include artillery barrage and smoke screen. Local
voice is used to talk to your teammates in the game, but be careful because the enemy can hear you if you’re too
close. Radio operators also serve as a communication beacon to those around them, as HQ and radio operator
chatter can be heard through them.